New Year’s Bracelet


New Year’s Resolution Bracelet with Apetite, Hematite, Rainbow Agate, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Prehnite, Chrysocolla, Moonstone and Rose Quartz.


New Year’s Resolution Bracelet

Acronym Crystal meanings for your bracelet: DIJWLFHD or Daily Intention – Just When Life Feels Hard, Dive Into Spirit!

D is for Diet – Appetite – suppresses hunger.
I for Indulgences – Hematite – overcoming addictions.
J for Joy & Creativity – Rainbow Agate – fun and creativity.
W for Wealth – Citrine – stone of abundance.
L is for Luck – Green Aventurine – Good luck Stone.
F for Focused – Lepidolite – reduces stress and stay focused.
H for Healthy – Sugilite – pain-relieving stone.
D for Decluttering – Prehnite – helps with decluttering.
I for Inspiration – Chrysocolla – enhance his personal power.
S for Spirituality – Moonstone – Stone of new beginnings.

The last stone is Rose Quartz, a love stone, as we are all LOVE!