• What Photo is Best to use:
    • Photo size and shape:  Pick the right photo and the right shape.
    • Image size: The higher the resolution, the better! For the tecky .. that means a high KB or MB (even better). If it looks blurry on your computer/camera, it will look blurry on the ornament/charm.   Phone pictures are usually not a good choice but the newer phones do take a pretty nice picture. Send it over and we will take a look at it.
    • Scanning photo: You can scan a photograph into your computer … just be sure it’s at least scanned at a 300 dpi. If you don’t have a scanner, you can mail us the picture.
    • File types: We accept jpg, psd, and png.
    • If using a professional photograph/image, please include a signed photo release with the photo.
    • Use our Contact Form to upload your photo.
  • If you wish for us to scan your photo, no worries … we would be happy to do that for you.  Simply let us know in the Instructions box during checkout and we’ll send you mailing instructions.

Below are examples of two different photos … one with one person and one with four people.  You can see how each of the different shapes present the photo as a larger or smaller image.  The same concept is behind our jewelry charms … some shapes will allow the photo to be bigger than in other shapes.